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3 Decisions of Hope-Filled Leadership
Episode 5826th July 2022 • The Art of Leadership • Dr. Niña Ellison
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Today we are going to explore the soft skill of indirect communication.  Learning the skill of

indirect communication fosters positive working relationships that impact the morale

and efficiency of those you influence.  Sharing hope is a form of indirect communication.


Let’s acknowledge out loud that life is difficult, painful, unfair, and unpredictable. When we are in the midst of difficulties that are beyond our control and, sometimes, beyond our comprehension, there is an increased need for leaders to use their unique gifts and talents to pursue hope.  Hope doesn’t arrive uninvited but awaits a leader who pursues with confident expectation that hope is real. 

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope. Martin Luther

Underlying this message today is a celebration of you, the leader, who pursues hope.  I am going to be talking about you! This is one small way I can give appreciation to the leaders I see around the world who chose to put time and energy into growing as hope-filled leaders.   Why is this such an important topic for leaders?  To put it simply, one of the top needs of those who follow you is hope. 

 Three decisions of hope-filled leaders

#1. Hope-filled leaders choose their perspective on hope.

#2.  Hope filled leaders choose persistence.

#3.  Hope-filled leaders understand that the gift of hope continues long after they are gone.

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