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DPW Director Robert (Brutus) Cantoreggi announces the Phase IV water ban - 08/06/22
Episode 8345th August 2022 • Franklin Matters Radio • Steve Sherlock
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The Town of Franklin has entered Level 3 Critical Drought status which has triggered the phase IV water ban which will go into effect August 6th, 2022 at 12AM. 

Water Conservation Measures are needed to limit the daily demand on the water system in order to ensure that adequate water is available to meet the public health and safety needs of the Town. This measure is necessary to maintain the water levels in the tanks for fire protection and normal consumption.

The following is allowed under phase IV of the water ban...

- Watering gardens and ornamental plants by means of a hand held hose.

The following is NOT allowed under phase IV of the water ban...

- Irrigation of lawns and landscaping via sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems.

- Washing of vehicles except in a commercial car wash or as necessary for operator safety.

- Washing of exterior building surfaces, parking lots, driveways or sidewalks.

Reminder: If you have a private well for irrigation, you must a sign posted that is visible from the street in accordance with Town bylaws 179-23


Learn more about Franklin's Water Conservation measures here:

Learn more about Massachusetts drought management here:

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