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A Friend of Mine - OAK Magazine EPISODE 7, 8th May 2020
Being an entrepreneur in the country with Pip from JUMBLED
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Being an entrepreneur in the country with Pip from JUMBLED

Pip Brett is a die hard colour lover, a self confessed failed minimalist and has one motto - ‘more is more and less is a bore’. 

Pip launched her first business at 21 in a very small store in her home town of Orange in central west NSW.

When a shopfront became available for lease right next door to Pip's boutique clothing store Iglou, it was more than a sign. Without a clue of what she would stock, Pip signed the lease and JUMBLED began. 

JUMBLED is now an award winning homewares store filled with inspiration, colour and Australian design.

Iglou and JUMBLED - along with a coffee shop - are now all together in one building called ‘The Sonic’, an 1864 old Masonic Hall that Pip and her husband Nick Luelf renovated in just eight weeks. 

Earlier this year, Pip hosted The Huddle, a women in business event which saw 450 women converge on Orange for a weekend of inspiration.

Pip shares with us her start up story, why she loves her regional home town of Orange, collaborations with brands like Society of Wanderers, Sage and Clare and Robert Gordon, how her business is surviving the coronavirus pandemic, and so much more.

Meet my friend Pip from JUMBLED.


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