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When I Lose My Cool with My Child: How do I Manage My Triggers?
Episode 6421st September 2022 • ParentEd • Focus on the Family Singapore
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Disobedience, illogical demands, ignoring our requests - these are just some of the things that our children do that cause us to lose our cool. Is there a way to avoid getting triggered if we're always ahead of our children's triggers?

Joining our host, June Yong, is Skye Tan, a mother of two, who writes and speaks on parenting and marriage.

Drawing from years of managing her triggers, Skye shares the realities of responding to our children's difficult behaviour. How we model dealing with our own difficult emotions has long lasting effects on our children, just like how our parents (in their best efforts) also shaped how we interact with the world.

Noting the importance of parenting from wholeness and seeing our children as individuals navigating a new world, Skye hopes that parents will remember that:

"...there are those (difficult) moments but at the end of the day, it's a joy we get to be a parent. We get to have this kids with us for however many years and then they're going to be their own person and grow up. This time will never come round again."


How you respond to mental health issues has direct influence to how your children perceive and manage their mental health.

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