119: A Conversation with Ashley Ausland, How her personal hardship lead to growth
Episode 11910th May 2024 • Hot Young Designers Club | Interior Design Business Podcast • Hot Young Designers Club
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Today’s guest, Ashley Ausland, shares her journey of growing her design business over the last few years while dealing with personal hardships—divorce, cancer, and becoming a single mother of four kids. She discusses the lessons she learned about business management, client relationships, and creating homes with soul and timeless appeal.

In this episode, Rebecca and Shaun speak with Ashley Ausland to discuss:

  • Ashley’s journey of starting her business from her garage with no employees to now having a team of 4
  • Ashley’s struggles and healing process of going through divorce and cancer and learning the importance of boundaries, self-care, and forgiveness
  • Growing her design projects from small remodels to ground-up constructions
  • Vetting clients carefully by looking for red flags like clients who want to change contracts
  • How Ashley balances her business with caring for her four kids as a single mom
  • Ashley’s struggles with delegating design work and maintaining creative control over projects
  • Incorporating vintage elements and old designs into new homes
  • Preserving historical details in home renovations
  • Focusing on durability and value over trends
  • Ashley’s billing model and the challenges she faces while time tracking
  • The challenges designers face with sharing their work and receiving feedback


Ausland Interiors Website: https://www.auslandinteriors.com/ 

Ashley Ausland on Ig: https://www.instagram.com/auslandinteriors/ 

Ausland Interiors on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/auslandinteriors/  

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