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A guide to growing kiwi fruit in Mzansi!
Episode 1179th March 2022 • Farmer's Inside Track • Food For Mzansi
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Although kiwi fruit is one of the most expensive commodities to farm with in Mzansi the export market is booming and this week we share a guide to growing kiwi fruit for beginner farmers!

Beefmaster Group CEO, Louw van Reenen, explains how participating in the Gulffood trade fair can change the game for local beef producers with their eyes set on trade to key international markets.

Sourcing agricultural finance and investment is a vital part of running any agribusiness, but it may seem like a daunting task for a new or even established farmer and this week experts join us to shares ways to do it.

Our book of the week is “Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind” by Nancy Kline. And, our farmer tip of the week comes from Bertus van Heerden, chief economist at the Milk Producers Organisation.