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Bruce Rogow for Luther Campbell and 2 Live Crew
Episode 121st December 2021 • For the Defense with David Oscar Markus • rakontur
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Season 4 of For the Defense premieres with Bruce Rogow who sits down with David Oscar Markus to discuss the groundbreaking criminal trial against 2 Live Crew and its front man Luther Campbell.

Bruce Rogow discusses the 2 Live Crew case, an only in South Florida story in which a rap band was prosecuted because of its dirty lyrics.  Rogow and David Oscar Markus get into the backstory of the case, how it put 2 Live Crew on the map, and how Rogow ultimately defended 2 Live Crew in the Supreme Court on another matter. Cardi B and other megastars have recently thanked 2 Live Crew for paving the way on the First Amendment's protection of their songs.




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