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Real Estate Team Builders solves real world problems in our industry
Episode 4031st July 2021 • Real Estate Team Builders • Real Estate B-School
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Why are we pivoting from The Business Freedom Podcast to Real Estate Team Builders? 

I’ve never been more clear on who the podcast is best equipped to serve, and that’s team builders.  

The real estate team building world is driven by the wrong things - big egos, top-line sales and GCI, not profitable economic models, sustainable business practices, lead source ROI, and the lives we have outside of real estate. 

This has to change. 

The goal of this podcast is to help you build a profitable real estate team without compromising your family and your health. We’re going to go deep and tactical and position you to learn;  

  • Real-world examples of team leaders who profitably scaled their businesses without scaling their hours. 
  • Why the typical real estate team is losing money and how to change this reality. 
  • How to go from player to coach in your business.