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Shift Your Way into Enlightenment with Jon Robinson
Episode 12117th October 2022 • Be the Love podcast • Stacy Musial & Brenda Carey
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Stacy and Brenda talk with psychotherapist and authorJonathan Robinson. We discuss his journey and what lead him down his path. What is enlightenment? How we can tap into enlightenment and create daily enlightened experiences? He shares small, but powerful tools for steps to enlightenment. What makes his book or his enlightenment journey unique? What are some common myths about enlightenment, or things that would surprise people who are just learning about enlightenment? We discuss how anyone can become enlightened. What is enlightenment like? How do enlightened folks experience the world differently than other people? Can things like therapy and positive psychology be useful in one’s own enlightenment?

Jonathan Robinson is a psychotherapist, author of 14 books, and has been a frequent guest on shows such as Oprah, The Today Show, and CNN.  He has interviewed over 100 spiritual leaders, ranging from The Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra, to the late Mother Teresa, Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass.   In his latest book, The Enlightenment Project, Jonathan talks about the lessons he learned interviewing renowned spiritual masters.  In addition, Jonathan reveals the key methods he discovered that led to deep awakening and inner peace for himself and the teachers he interviewed. Jonathan''s work has reached over 100 million people, and he is known for providing immediately useful ideas and methods presented in an entertaining manner.

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