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The Half Time Orange Podcast - Half Time Orange EPISODE 31, 3rd February 2021
Patchwork Junkie, life changing journey - part 1
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Patchwork Junkie, life changing journey - part 1

In today's episode, host Brenton Webber is joined by guest Kyle Dean Houston. This episode dives into some emotional areas of life and business. Join Brenton and Kyle as they open up in this two-part special podcast.

Kyle is a fascinating and thought-provoking guest. In addition to putting multiple startups on the list of Inc Magazine's fastest-growing companies in America, he is a stage four cancer survivor, a recovered drug addict and someone who has survived an unthinkable prison sentence.

Today, Kyle is focused on helping businesses, individuals and organizations to unlock their deepest potential and see what true possibility looks like. His approach comes from a unique background of tragedy, transformation and a proven track record for building high-performing teams.

Some of Kyles key achievements:

• Generated over $70M in early stage technology in less than seven years

• Helped launch two start-ups that both became fastest-growing companies in the US

• Grew a company’s annual revenues from $1M - $20M in 3 years and took to acquisition

• Implemented channel strategy that grew sales from $1.5M to over $14M in 12 months during 2009 recession

We would love to hear your thoughts on this podcast. After such a transformational 2020, these interviews are perfectly timed in early 2021 to empower, enlighten and motivate all of those who listen.

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