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WPCP: 001 – My Go-To Plugins
3rd January 2013 • FtheHUSTLE • Kim Doyal
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HOLY MOLY! I really should have video recorded myself doing this first podcast... it would have provided some comic relief for you to say the least. I lost count with how many times I started then deleted just the introduction! Forget the few times I recorded up to about 10 minutes then scrapped the whole thing.  Here's the crazy thing... IT WAS TOTALLY FUN! I really had a ball recording my first episode and am already looking forward to the next one. I had already planned out what I was going to do, but I think I need to do the show notes prior to recording- as in full show notes, not just an outline. Who knows... I can tell you I won't be reading from a script... ever. Here's my full 'arsenal' of plugins from Episode 1 of the WordPress Chick Podcast. 1) Akismet: If you've done a WordPress Install, you're familiar with Akismet. This is the built-in spam filter that comes with WordPress (so the plugin itself is free). You do need to register for an API key  (once you activate the plugin it will ask you for your API key). 2) Author hReview: There is both a free and premium version of this plugin (I'm using the free version). Author hReview creates a review box in your post where you can list the name, author, version number (if applicable), rating and brief summary. I've adjusted this plugin so it shows at the bottom of my post as opposed to the default top right of the post (it was too crowded with my featured image). You can view the premium version and the free version to see what's right for you.  3) Blubrry PowerPress: Blubrry PowerPress is an all in once podcasting plugin. There are a handful of podcasting plugins available, but I chose this one because it was recommended by The Podcast Answer Man (Cliff Ravenscraft) and is also the plugin my business partner, Steve O'Sullivan uses. I've recorded screenshots and am doing a step-by-step set up guide for the plugin (it's pretty involved). This plugin (FREE) comes with everything you need for podcasting, including iTunes specifications & submission. 4) Complete Gallery Manager: I've done a full post with video on the Complete Gallery Manager, so you can check that out if you want more details, but this is a great responsive photo and video gallery plugin. This is a premium plugin through CodeCanyon, but it's truly worth every penny. Here's my post and video on the Complete Gallery Manager. 5) Custom Social Profiles: this is my free plugin that allows you to upload custom social icons (both regular and hover icons) that link to your social profiles (these are not sharing icons where people can share your content) so people can connect with you on social networks. You can subscribe on the site for a free copy (top right sidebar of this page). 6) Easy Digital Downloads:  Like I mentioned in the podcast, this is one of my favorite new plugins! And yep, its free! It was created by Pippin Williamson. The plugin works great as is, right out of the box. There are free and premium extensions available to add additional functionality and options. Youll be hearing much more about this plugin in upcoming months from me, but for now I recommend you download it and test it out (yep, just the free version will get you going). Keep in mind this is for digital products only. Get Easy Digital Downloads here. 7) Easy Digital Downoads - Amazon S3 Extension: If you have an Amazon S3 account and want to store you digital downloads for use with Easy Digital Downloads, then this is for you! I love my S3 account and any time I can use it without having to login to Amazon I'm all for it. This is a premium extension, but remember the plugin is free! (can't beat that!) Get the Amazon S3 Extension here 8) Easy Digital Downloads - Aweber Extension: Want to add your customers to your list when they purchase from you through Easy Digital Downloads?  Don't worry, they still have to confirm their optin (and you set up a little checkbox for them to...