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In The Dog House - The Heelers List on Airbnb!
Episode 4Bonus Episode8th February 2022 • Bluey's Brisbane • Bridge Media
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In a quiet street of inner city Brisbane the Heeler house has been brought to life by Airbnb and BBC Studios.

The house is found in the same part of Brisbane that much of Bluey is set in - it's in Paddington very close to the suburban border with Red Hill.

It was amazing to see the house but it was also fantastic to catch up with some of the key people behind the scenes of bringing the Heeler house to life.

We spoke to Bluey producer Sam Moor, Susan Wheeldon who is the Australian Country Manager for Airbnb, Madeleine Jelfs who is a senior marketing manager with BBC Studios.

We also spoke to Michael from the Bluey Locations Instagram page to see what he thought of the house.

To find out how you can have a Bluey super fan weekend in the Heeler House go to

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