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Burnout Power - Burnout Power EPISODE 5, 1st December 2019
Create Lasting Changes After Burnout with Amber Rahim
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Create Lasting Changes After Burnout with Amber Rahim

Amber Rahim (Pakistan) has done inspiring things after recovering from burnout. Through her Leadership blog and coaching practice, she helps you find your amazing, creative solutions to your challenges and opportunities. Especially if you want to create lasting changes and make an impact to your world.

Topics we cover:

  • Coloring to make you calm and get in a meditative state;
  • Breaking out of your head through the power of Haptotherapy;
  • Asking for help after burnout;
  • Create lasting changes;
  • Amber's coaching practice;
  • Communication with yourself;
  • Best coping strategy for perfectionism;
  • Re-writing the handbook of how you operate.


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Resources mentioned:

Book: Positive Intelligence (Shirzad Chamine):