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356 | Open Clients, Stop Closing Them
Episode 3565th November 2021 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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In sales, we’re taught ABC: Always Be Closing. But Cayla has found that this method leaves clients and buyers with buyer’s remorse and just feels icky. Cayla’s strategy instead is Always Be Opening and in today’s episode, she explains just what that is and what it looks like in action. Her strategy certainly goes against the grain but it is proven to be more effective in the long run as you will cast a wider net and serve those clients who are hungry for a solution to their problem.

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You will learn:

  • [1:44] - We’ve been taught ABC: Always Be Closing. Cayla presents a new strategy.
  • [3:48] - If you master sales, you will master managing your income.
  • [4:34] - As a buyer, you say yes to get out of the situation. You end up with regret.
  • [5:56] - To open clients, you educate them first on what you offer.
  • [6:59] - Share your solutions and let the client decide.
  • [9:09] - Instead of putting on pressure, open conversations as a larger net without desperation.
  • [10:02] - Cayla's Rewired for Business course is available to help you master these skills.
  • [12:00] - You can’t help somebody that doesn’t want the help. Be available for the hungry and educate those who aren’t ready yet.
  • [13:12] - Take a look at how you converse. Are you helping someone solve a problem or are you manipulating them?

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