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Ep 84: Training Camp Debrief – Getting Strong on One Leg, Change of Direction Packs a Punch, Sprint Mechanics, and Environmental X Factor
Episode 841st August 2021 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your online training friendships turned to real life, in-person friendships? Joining me on the show this week are a couple of the Rebel crew, Ryan Patrick and Keiran Halton. The three of us debrief the training team camp we put on this past weekend as we unpack our favorite moments and takeaways from the events. From just pure entertainment, learning, throwing down, putting in work, community, and so much more, it’s humbling that we were able to gather a group of amazing humans we've been training with online for years to crush weights together for a weekend.

So many questions and conversations popped up over the weekend, so it’s only fitting to share with you all the many lessons learned. We talked all things lifting, sprinting, biomechanics, change of direction, and energy system development. We dive into the discussion on whether you can get strong on one leg, in particular, using really heavy single leg lunge patterns as a replacement to your main squat. We then steer the conversation to the number one mistake we saw during change of direction work and how to bring back speed and change of direction work into your training. We close out the episode discussing how hard people are actually working in their workouts. Do you think you are working as hard as possible? The answer is, you’re probably not.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [03:40] Training camp details
  • [05:30] The big training camp takeaways  
  • [06:40] Cost to high intensity change of direction work
  • [12:02] Looking at drills from a different lens
  • [14:30] The curved run series
  • [20:16] Sensory motor work
  • [22:15] Replacing main squats with single leg variations
  • [27:25] High trap bar deadlifting versus squatting
  • [31:05] Doing less when getting back into sprinting
  • [36:30] Wide versus narrow ISA
  • [38:00] Taking HRV tracking with a grain of salt
  • [41:02] Choosing exercises with load or velocity


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