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Episode 48 | New Paradigms Of Connectivity And Healing In Business with Jo Edwardes
Episode 4811th January 2021 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Our guest on the podcast this week is Jo Edwardes.

Jo is the Managing Partner of Good Karma Media, a data driven marketing, public relations and social impact agency born out of an authentic passion for social and environmental change. It is also the UK’s first social enterprise data-driven agency.

Jo worked in marketing and consulting for 15+ years before entering the Social Enterprise space in 2009. He has been a passionate advocate of the sector and believes Social Enterprises offer their clients sustainable, tangible and ever-increasing value as they scale. And if you want to find Jo on a Saturday night look no further than to the front of the stage, he is usually the lead vocalist!

Listen in as we discuss the middle ground, of purpose and profit in business and how Jo’s vision for the future, a social media network called Good Connections, is designed to use data in different ways that support the planet, individuals and the collective. Jo describes it as “One Big Healing Machine”. He talks with passion of redirecting the value from data to be of benefit to us all, and how as a business leader his intention is to create an experience for people to experience who they truly are, with authenticity and creativity. He espouses keeping a fundamental why at the very heart of everything we do in business and in our own individual journeys asks each of us to consider if there’s a way we can bring nor oof ourselves to work, to bring more purpose into the workplace.

This was a fascinating conversation that will help you understand the threads between connectivity, data, and healing in business. I hope you enjoy this impactful conversation!

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