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#434: Travel Loyalty Insights with Collinson and Salesforce
Episode 43420th September 2023 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Today’s episode features two powerhouses of the travel loyalty sector who have joined forces in recent years.

Stephen Gilbert is the VP of Salesforce Loyalty working within the Collinson Group, with responsibility for creating the next generation of Loyalty Programs on the Salesforce Loyalty Ecosystem, and he joins us today along with Ram Machiraju, Vice President of Product Management at Salesforce, focused on loyalty and referral marketing.

Stephen and Ram share insights from airline, hotel and rail clients in the context of growth in the travel eco-system and explain why Collinson and Salesforce have joined forces.

They also share and what they each believe are the key success factors for clients, with more and more consumers committed to spending their disposable income on travel and experiences.

Listen to hear their insights on extending the value of your loyalty program beyond the basic transactions, through smart partnerships and everyday earn and burn solutions, so you can engage with your members even when their purchases are infrequent.


This episode is sponsored by the Collinson Group.

Show Notes:

1) Stephen Gilbert⁠

2) Collinson Group

3) Ram Machiraju

4) Salesforce

5) #362: Discovery Vitality: Behavioural Change Programme is resulting in Healthier Lifestyle through Generous Rewards





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