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Imagine This Podcast - Imagine MKE EPISODE 14, 5th May 2020
Imagine the Work | FoodShare with De'Kendrea Stamps

Imagine the Work | FoodShare with De'Kendrea Stamps

This week, the gang continues to expand its coverage of resources to help artists and creatives weather the economic downturn brought on by coronavirus by welcoming De'Kendrea Stamps, State FoodShare Program Manager at Feeding Wisconsin, to talk about the FoodShare program and how people can get help applying for federal assistance to buy groceries.

Audio transitions: "Love Song (ft. 311)," by B.ALXNDR, Memoirs of a Broken Heart.

You can reach Feeding Wisconsin's FoodShare Helpline at 1-877-366-3635 to get an eligibility screen and to learn how you can apply. You can also learn more at www.GetAQuestCard.org.

To learn more about other help and resources, please call 311.