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Around the House with Eric G® - Eric Goranson EPISODE 1144, 1st May 2021
Back up power with Generac and Jake VanWormer
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Back up power with Generac and Jake VanWormer

We have lost power five times in the studio here in the last 365 days. I expect more of this in the following year. We talk with Generac’s product manager about how these systems work and how you can create a seamless system to make sure no matter if the power company cuts your power due to a weather emergency or a wild storm you will be ready to go. For more information on Generac head to https://www.generac.com/all-products/generators/home-backup-generators#?cat=6&cat=214&cat=217&cat=249

Then we dive into those products I expect to continue to have major price increases for 2021 and 2022. What should you purchase now? Let’s find out!

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