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Let's Talk Deer - Hosted by Bruce Hutcheon - W. Bruce Hutcheon 18th September 2020
Giving You an Inside Look Into the Enthralling World of Deer Farming and the creation of Conquest Scents
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Giving You an Inside Look Into the Enthralling World of Deer Farming and the creation of Conquest Scents

Giving You an Inside Look Into the Enthralling World of Deer Farming and the creation of Conquest Scents

 Discover ConQuest Scents by watching

ConQuest 200 TV

 Watch for Yourself What Makes ConQuest Scents So Great

See behind-the-scenes action at our Mid-Michigan whitetail farm

 ConQuest 200 TV gives you an in-depth look into what it takes to make ConQuest Scents at our whitetail deer farm where we have grown some of the largest typical whitetail in North America. We offer viewers an unscripted show that follows our genetic design, urine collection and manufacturing process.

 Find out how we go from genetically designing whitetail deer to manufacturing the product we ship out across the United States by turning your set to ConQuest 200 TV.

 Based on the unscripted life surrounding the genetic design, raising and urine collection of 200 whitetail deer at ConQuest Deer Farm, ConQuest 200 TV brings you inside our gates so you can learn about our process.

 Our owner, Doug Roberts, has been genetically designing world-class bucks for more than two decades and sheds light on our industry. We’ve been afforded numerous nominations because we educate the viewer on these majestic creatures.

 Turn your set to ConQuest 200 TV on Saturday at 7 a.m., Sunday at 5 p.m. and Tuesday at 5 a.m. and learn about the exciting world of whitetail deer genetic designing.

 My Name is Doug Roberts and deer farming is my livelihood. I have had the pleasure of being a Deer and Elk farmer since 1991. I, along with my wife Karen, own Conquest Deer Farm, Conquest Scents and a National TV show called Conquest 200 that currently airs on the Pursuit Channel.

 ConQuest Scents President - ConQuest Deer Farm President

 Host of Conquest 200 TV Show


 I am currently serving my fourth term as President of United Deer Farmers of Michigan. Myself, along with Alex Draper, Gary Edwards and a few others, were the original founders of the association. I have continually been involved in both the state level and national level political aspects of the deer farming industry.

 I am currently a member of the ATA Deer Protection Program working on the National Scent Standards. I meet with all fifty state DNR directors and deputy directors on concerns and problems that our industry and their agencies face. I have also spoken on behalf of the Deer Farming Industry at the National Sportsman’s Caucus in regards to the Cervidae Scent Standards.

 As CWD appears in Michigan as well as other states, I feel it is imperative to have board members who are engaged and involved in the politics at the state and national levels. I have had the honor of working with the different agencies and congressional lawmakers over the last 20 plus years creating working relationships that are productive. I feel I have the knowledge and connections that can move our industry forward and protect it from organizations that would potentially like to put deer farming out of business.

 As a current board member of NADeFA and President of UDFoM, I feel the board has made great strides forward in our efforts in Lansing, the fantastic growth of our state convention and the oversite of the unrealistic regulations being brought forward by the different state agencies. It has been a blessing to be able to have given input into the direction of this association.

 I believe NADR is sitting in a unique and positive position in the cervid industry. It will be NADR’s leadership that moves the industry into a true agricultural industry where genetics and family trees will not only be important for the sale of pedigrees but more importantly I believe we will gain the ability to genetically improve markets like meat production and create new markets through the knowledge gained with genetic markers.

 I appreciate the NADR members time and consideration for considering me for the NADR board.

 Thank You,

 Doug Roberts - UDFoM President - NADeFA Board Member

Office: 888-653-2759