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Episode 38: Rob Napoli Teaches How to Build with Intentionality
Episode 386th January 2022 • Revenue Real Hotline • Amy Hrehovcik
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This week’s episode features Rob Napoli, Founder of Rise Up Coaching, host of The Bear Necessities of Entrepreneurship Podcast, and author of The Social Soul: Mastering Your Personal and Professional Brand with Intentionality and Authenticity.

Whenever you build something, you have to have a why and how to do it. This is what intentionality means. Rob shares that being authentic is another key piece of intentionality and the way to do this is with engagement. He discusses this in his book with the aim of readers mastering their own personal and professional brands. 


  • Getting fired for a lack of passion led to Rob's true passion
  • Sales training: The skill of selling is central in entrepreneurship
  • Develop management skills and core competencies
  • Curiosity, intentionality, authenticity, attitude, and effort


Rob: "If you're an entrepreneur, if you learn how to sell and you can sell your business and you can teach others how to come in and do that the way you did that... you're more likely to have people stay with you because you're like, hey, I've been there, done that. I can empathize and sympathize with you."

Rob: "When you're curious, you learn. And when you learn, you build. When you build, you need to build with intention. And what intentionality means is you understand that you're doing something because of a why but also a how."

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