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Ep 49 - Help - I’m Worried I’ll Get Alzheimers
Episode 497th June 2023 • The Menopause and Cancer Podcast • Dani Binnington
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“I'd like to know about reducing dementia risks when not on HRT. I’m really worried about my brain health.” 

This is what many women who are dealing with early onset menopause worry about especially when HRT is not an option. 

We have the fab Barbie Boule on the podcast today explains to us how we can reduce our risks of Alzheimer’s by over 50%. 

“How? What? Without HRT?” I hear you say. 

Get a pen pad and paper out. Although Barbie is a registered dietician we speak about so much more than food.

You can find Barbie here:

Book mentions:

Diet for the MIND by Dr Martha Clare Morris 

The Brain Health Kitchen Dr Annie Fenn

Podcast Mention:

Episode 42: Help - I Can’t Sleep 

About Dani:

The Menopause and Cancer Podcast is hosted by Dani Binnington, menopause guide, patients advocate for people in menopause after a cancer diagnosis, and founder of the online platform Healthy Whole Me. 

There is lots of information out there about the menopause but hardly any if you have had a cancer diagnosis as well. Many people say to me they have no idea what their options are, who to ask for help, and that they feel really isolated in their experiences. 

I started this podcast because there was nothing out there when I was thrown into surgical menopause at the age of 39, which followed on from my cancer diagnosis aged 33.

Through the episodes, I want to create more awareness, share information from our fabulous guest experts, doctors and other specialists in the cancer and menopause field. 

And of course, I will share stories from the people in our community.

So that together we can work towards a better menopause experience. For all of us.

More educated, better informed and less alone.

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