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The Filipino American Woman Project - Jen Amos EPISODE 23, 17th October 2019
023: "Why are you other-ing me?" Assimilating as a mestiza with Marjory Ware

023: "Why are you other-ing me?" Assimilating as a mestiza with Marjory Ware

First generation Filipino/white woman, Marriage and Family Therapist in Washington State, and enneagram nerd Marjory Ware immigrated to America at 16 years old. Marjory shares the complexities of assimilating as a mestiza, how she finds validation in her practice as a therapist, and encourages our listeners to find "your people" - the ones that will accept you for who you are. 

Connect with Marjory Ware on Instagram @mkwcounseling or listen to her new podcast Therapeutic Bullshit at https://www.therapeuticbullshit.com/podcast 

It's Filipino American History Month and this month's theme is... Pinay Visionaries: Celebrating Filipina American Women! Learn more at http://fanhs-national.org/filam/about/ Give a shout out to the Pinay Visionary in your life! Reach out to us with any of the options below! 

In celebration of Filipino American History Month, we feature Ruby Ibarra as this episode‚Äôs Pinay Visionary! Learn more about Ruby at https://www.rubyibarra.com/ or follow her on Instagram @rubyibarra. Special thanks to @annadidathing from Instagram for the recommendation! 


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