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5:26 - Kid Trillionaires with John Louzonis
Episode 261st December 2020 • The Family Culture Movement • Jodi Chaffee
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John Louzonis is a 16-year old entrepreneur. He's the author of Kid Trillionaire - which he wrote when he was 13 - and founder of

He's made it his personal mission to help as many kids as possible learn business and how to make money! John wants parents and kids to believe that kids can earn money or launch their career right now and that absolutely nothing is stopping them but themselves!! Kids can read his book, try out business ideas, and learn about successful entrepreneurs.

John and I discussed the framework for raising kids who value work, learning, and becoming financially independent even from a young age! Once kids start earning money, they won't have to beg their parents every time they want something!

Connect with John on Instagram @kids_get_rich

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