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‘Have to’ Mindset  vs ‘Choose to’ Mindset
Episode 5526th September 2023 • Deep Resilience • Melli O'Brien
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Many of us wake each morning to be met with a seemingly endless list of demands and responsibilities. Whether it’s “I have to deliver a crucial presentation to a high-profile client” or simply, “I have to make the bed,” the sense of obligation and constriction evokes feelings of resistance, resentment and restriction. Even tasks we once found joy, excitement and fulfilment in can drain our enthusiasm, lower our mood and bring up hostility when we feel bound or forced to do them. But what if we didn’t actually have to? What if we chose to?

In this episode of Mentally Stronger, I encourage you to experiment with shifting your language from ‘have to’ to ‘choose to’. When we connect to a sense of purpose and agency instead of pain and pressure, we remind ourselves that our actions are driven from our values and what truly matters to us, and this can facilitate a profound shift in our attitude, state of being and ultimately our quality of life. 

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