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Glory Dayz'd: Issue 1: The Cleanerz - Sweeping up the Mess
Episode 121st September 2021 • The Lone Ork Actual Play Podcast • Dean Bailey
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Glory Dayz'd Season 1: It is the Golden Age of Superheroes. Four colour comic books are popular and both superheroes and supervillian proliferate and try to uphold the ideals of the public. With 'zombie' still a trope of fiction novels, Supporting Characters and B-Listers live in the shadows, making an 'honest' living in a Powered world.

Issue 1: The Cleanerz A new Supporting Character has joined the Alpha Watch of Charon City. Cleaning up the mess caused by heroes and villians is the second lowest rung available, but it is on the ladder of becoming a Hero; or even a future Superhero.

Act 1: Sweeping up the Mess In the aftermath of a battle between Captain Quake and Force Phage, Percival leads a cleaning crew into the Supervillian's Lair.

Editor in Chief: Brendan"Southernskies"; Player: Dean "Taffy the Lone Ork"

An Rotted Capes Roleplaying Game campaign set in the Golden Age of Super heroes in Charon City.

Produced by The Lone Ork Actual Play Podcast Network .




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