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98 | Unleashing Radical Authenticity In Life & Business with Amber Swenor
Episode 9819th December 2022 • Sacred Changemakers • Jayne Warrilow
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Unleashing Radical Authenticity In Life & Business

Our guest on the podcast today is Amber Swenor, a transformational business strategist who helps visionary leaders live and lead in authenticity. She’s the founder of Soul Seed, a brand ecosystem with several businesses including Soul Seed Strategy, a business coaching, and brand transformation firm that helps visionary leaders to grow values-aligned, authentic businesses through transformational strategy, coaching, and marketing services. She’s the author of the Wall Street Journal best-selling book, Unleashed: A Been-There, Rocked-That Guide to Radical Authenticity in Life and Business. When she’s not strategizing with clients or speaking on stage, you’ll find her rocking with her metal band, Morningstar.

Today Amber shares experiences from her own life path that have led her to embody more of her own radically authentic self, and how this leads to her experiencing greater freedom. She talks about shifting from the chains of expectation, self-shaming, and self-doubt into being fully free as someone who embraces the polarities of life and chooses to integrate opposites.

Listen in as discuss the challenges of bringing a soul perspective into business, of how resistance is actually where the opportunity lies, and how when we connect with our soul mission, through healing and empowerment, we build the capacity for personal freedom and rise as leaders to bring more consciousness through business.

If you get the sense that there’s more for you in this world, perhaps more of a soul perspective, if you yearn for more of an impact on your life and work, then I encourage you to listen to this deeply resonant dialogue for insights. I suspect you’ll enjoy Amber's perspective on what we can do to embrace our individual and collective evolution. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

Key Takeaways

  • Amber’s radical authenticity and how it led her to build a powerful change-making business
  • How to walk your own healing and authentic journey
  • What it means to be human in business/workplace
  • The power of becoming truly and radically authentic
  • How money and evolutionary power are intrinsically linked, and how you can optimize for both

Memorable Quote

“Your big T truth, it's your personal truth is your path to freedom.”—Amber Swenor

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