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142. Learning About Hormone Sensitivity & Skin Care with Cheryl Woodman
Episode 14215th August 2022 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Through her work as a scientist, award-winning skincare formulator, and acne expert – and her amazing blog, Honesty For Your Skin – Cheryl Woodman helps women who've tried everything under the sun to treat their acne and still feel stuck at rock bottom. 

She joins the show today to teach us about skin care that leads to healthy, happy, clear skin you can feel comfortable and confident in. Who doesn't want that?

We break down the science behind it all, how our diets impact our skin (remember: our biggest organ!), and how you can take back control of your skin health without the need for medications which can contribute to other tricky problems in the body.

As always, this is a safe space! We’re not judging or pouring more negativity on a subject that, while totally superficial, is such a big trigger point for so many women. Tune in as we listen, learn, and heal as a community!

We Chat About:

  • Learn what causes acne 
  • How does our diet impact our skin?
  • How are hormones involved? 
  • Treatment options 
  • Acne protocol tips 


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