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173. Become More Productive for More Profit
Episode 17329th May 2023 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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I am sick of all the entrepreneurs and the gurus and the experts out there who are touting this idea of more money. More money for money's sake doesn't mean squat. Because I know way too many, well-meaning entrepreneurs who grew their businesses and scaled their businesses the wrong way. They had plenty of money coming in, but because of the way they structured and built their business, they had more money going out because their business required more team, more salary, and more resources. So they had more money going out than they had going into their bank account. 

I don't want you busy for busy's sake. I don't want you making money for money's sake. I want you to be productive for the sake of profitability. You can be productive by sitting down and hammering through that to-do list and checking a million boxes, but does that move the needle?

So, how do we ensure that the things that you're doing, the work that you're putting in, the energy you're putting into your business, the stuff you are focused on drives the business forward?


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