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Ep: 56 The Abundance Coaching Model with Dean Guedo and Jeb Johnston
Episode 5613th December 2020 • Rebel Performance Radio • Rebel Performance
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Today’s guests are Dean Guido of Stronger U Fitness and Jeb Stuart Johnston of Food on the Mind.

Dean and Jeb go into nutrition and output management, talking specifically about the distinction between a scarcity/restrictive model and an abundance model. By extension, they speak on making a mindset shift from scarcity and restriction to abundance, encouraging individuals to think beyond the idea of “models” altogether. They discuss why knowledge often isn’t the problem when honing in on your client’s weight loss challenges. They also go over why it isn’t often food itself that is the issue, but what comes after eating food.

Listen in as Dean and Jeb explain how to build your skill set, knowledge base, and client pool as a coach; why it pays in the long run to capitalize on what you’re good at from the get-go; the pitfalls of adhering strictly to models; what a mindset of abundance can bring; and how to calibrate output and nutrition when working with a client.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • [03:32] An introduction to Dean and Jeb
  • [12:24] Building your brand as a coach
  • [21:16] What people should focus on to become a better coach
  • [29:04] Why you should be unafraid to challenge existing models
  • [37:40] Adopting an abundance mindset toward nutrition
  • [47:45] Improving your output to better utilize your food, versus simply managing your calories
  • [53:07] What rehab can teach us about changing our unhealthy behavior around food
  • [1:00:49] Adapting a nutrition program around the client’s particular circumstances and limitations
  • [1:08:14] Troubleshooting output issues
  • [1:21:34] Recapping the benefits of switching from a restrictive to an abundance mindset