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Stepping into Empowerment with Laura Brennan Ballet | CNC131
Episode 1317th March 2023 • Chaos N' Cookies • Heather Greco
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Today, I sat down with Laura Brennan Ballet, coach and author of “The Science of Empowerment,” to talk about how she is helping her clients live empowered lives using the J3=E formula. Laura's formula can be applied to individuals, groups, and even your family! 

About the Guest:

Laura is driven by the life force that circulates within all universal connectivity. Her passion and ability to see how energy is in everything guides her empowering message forward. Laura's Life Transformational book, "The Science of Empowerment," reflects ahead to the reader their brilliance, their higher understanding of human potential, and their commitment to investing and exploring positive intelligence. Applying the J3=E Formula, Laura has coached over 3,000 hrs and guided her clients into a lasting state of elevation. Laura does not tell you who to be; she expands your awareness of who you choose to become.

About the Host:

Following the crumbs in the chaos is a full-time job as a Productivity Coach. As a busy mom of three and the founder of Chaos N’ Cookies, keeping moms from crumbling is my main objective. After gaining 10+ years of experience as a Director of Marketing, helping build multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses for other women, I’ve created the Chaos Control System to equip moms to overcome their own objections so they can live the life they want to live and start that business they have always wanted. The Family Playbook, or standard operating procedure, is the tool every mama needs to save time and stress less when chaos ensues at home.

For new biz owners, I also help simplify systems on social media and other business platforms to automate processes to get their business up and running quickly and efficiently with how-tos and hands-on coaching. I have helped hundreds of women to be more productive and self-sufficient in their homes and businesses, allowing them to reclaim control of the chaos.

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