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Conversation: 10/10 ⭐ Campaign Launch Event, Zero Notes From Us
25th May 2023 • Why Are We Like This? • Why Are We Like This?
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Are you wondering how Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' official presidential campaign event went off? Well, we're not saying it was anything like hanging out on-set with Will Smith and Kevin James in 2005, but there were definitely some Hitches.

From an aborted Twitter Spaces launch to the absolute glazing of Elon Musk's entire genitalia by a procession of right-wing freaks, to said freaks lobbing softball after softball at the Gov, it was a dispiriting night for some, pure entertainment for others. And the WAWLT boys have the play-by-play!

While DeSantis' collection of meager bootlicking goons was depressing to behold, Thomas brings us news of a Downtown Miami anti-DeSantis protest he took part in and how it does not augur well for Ron's chances.




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