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Hear from Miranda Norris, Head of Felsted School
Episode 925th January 2023 • The AMCIS Podcast • Simon Jones From The Bonjour Agency
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Welcome back to The AMCIS Podcast, brought to you by The Bonjour Agency. This is the podcast where we speak to people in the independent school sector. AMCIS is the association for admissions, marketing and communications in independent schools, I’m Simon Jones and in this episode I’m talking to Miranda Norris, she’s the Head at Felsted Prep School.

Now I think you’re going to love this episode. Miranda has a great background of other independent schools, international schools and also the state school sector. She offers some solid advice for marketing, admissions and communications teams as well as sharing her own stories of working in a wide variety of schools.

Not only this but Miranda’s opening this year’s AMCIS Prep School Marketing Seminar in London on 26th January. So if you’re listening to this episode before that event then it’ll give you a sneaky insight into Miranda as a person but if you’re listening afterwards then be assured that everything she says in this recording is separate to the London event which means you’ll get just as much value listening to her words.

Anyway, enough dilly-dally let’s jump across to Felsted Prep School where we meet up with the Head, Miranda Norris.






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