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How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing?
Episode 323rd June 2021 • Growth Velocity Show - Digital Marketing, Growth Hacking and Startup Tip‪s‬ • Howard Kingston
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#003 - How to Start a Career in Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is one of the hottest job titles around, LinkedIn ranked it #6 out of 706 million professions! In this episode, I share the 3 ways I got started in my career as a Digital Marketer and you can too. Why do you want to be a Digital Marketer? Comment below👇

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Hey guys, Howard from Growth Velocity Academy. Welcome to this show.

Now, I want to talk in this session about three ways how to become and how to get started as a digital marketer. Now, I've trained and coached thousands of marketers over the last few years and it's something I hear a lot of people are maybe transitioning in their career you know, are always curious about digital marketing.

Can I do it, or maybe someone is launching a business.

Learn skills of a marketer, these are kind of very typical things. So, in this session, I want to talk about how to get started as a digital marketer.

As a digital marketer, three key things I think you should be doing, but also I want to share how I got started.

Because I'm just like you, I got started as a digital marketer, I wasn't born doing digital marketing. And, you know, some people might think I was, but I, you know, how did I get started, and I'm going to share with you exactly how I got started.

And one of the key tools that I use, and I recommend to most people when they're getting started, okay, so let's do this.

I remember when I was in university, I have a story not many people know about me is that I've dropped out of university twice. Alright, one not out of my own choice, and one out of my own choice, now that those stories are out. I'll share those in another session.

But I remember when I was the second time I was in university, and I was at that point, I was doing a Ph.D. And I was not enjoying it. I was really bored with it. And I was supposed to learn and read all these academic papers. But like, the thing I was spending all my time was I was reading, devouring all these marketing books and like technology, magazines, Wired Magazine, and stuff like that. So anyway, I quit.

I had this idea in my head I couldn't get out of, I just wanted to become the world's leading startup marketing expert, even though I had not launched a successful startup at the time. And I'd never really done any digital marketing before, to be honest. So like what, right?

Well, I want to talk about the three things that I've discovered I needed as I went through that process. And I know, after me helping so many other studentsl become digital marketers, I know you needed to, Alright, so let's do this.

So tip number one is you got to learn skills as a digital marketer, right?

Now, some people for some reason, you know, if you're going to become an architect, obviously, you need to learn the skills of becoming an architect CAD drawing, how to do like, you know, set up a proper house, stuff like that. If you're going to be a lawyer, obviously, you need to learn the law. For some reason, maybe because it's on the internet, I find some people don't get that when it comes to digital marketing. They think, Oh, you know, I can just do a few social media posts. And now I'm a digital marketer. Well, it's not the case. And there are certain skills you need to learn to get good at that right.

Now, one of the things that excite me about digital marketing is there's so much to it. You know, you can do social, you can do ads, you can do websites, all this stuff kind of loosely falls into the world of digital marketing. So, I like to demystify that for people because a lot of people get confused.

I de-mystify it with a triangle. Alright, so visualize in your mind, a triangle, and then the top left, write down the word visually in your mind, write down the word attract. On the top right of the triangle, write down the word convert, and then the bottom of the triangle, write down the word accelerate.

Now, these are the three skills you got to know how to learn how to become a digital marketer. And it's a model that we created our Growth Velocity Academy to help people demystify it because it is confusing. So let's go back to that triangle. Okay, so the top layer is attract. And that's how to attract people to a product or a website or a business.


You know, and you can use lots of different ways to do that. You can do Facebook ads, you can do Google ads, you can do social media, you can do Tik Tok, there's tons of things you can do. But the first element is about the idea of pulling, getting people attracting people to a product, right. And that's one of the core elements of what marketing is either, you know, kind of like communicating a product to the market and ultimately getting the market to come and want that product. Okay, so that's attract. That's the first kind of element of marketing.

The second on the right-hand side, I said, was convert. And that's something that's overlooked a lot, because people just think, Oh, it's just about sending lots of traffic to a website or sending people to a website. Well, it's not. So you also need to learn to make sure that when people hit the website, that they sign up, or they make a purchase. And that's something a lot of people don't realize. Makes sense, doesn't it? It will everyone if you get really good at ads, and everyone comes to the website, and then they leave without buying what was the point. So if you want to get good at digital marketing, you also need to learn how to make sure people are signing up, okay, and that's conversion.

And then the bottom is accelerate. Now, this is, when the first two things are doing well, you'll start to move faster. So accelerate is about being able to make good data-driven decisions with things like data analytics is what we call having data DNA, and also having a great growth strategy. And there's a very specific kind of strategy in need. And we teach at grow velocity Academy, how to win kind of in the digital world, okay, so that is the three elements, how to attract how to convert and accelerate you. They're the kind of skills you need to learn, alright, to become a digital marketer.

Tip number two is you got to learn the tools. And that is the tools of the trade is how you kind of do your marketing as a, you know, as a, how you once you've learned those skills, how you implement them.


Now, this thing called the Internet has really changed things. And it's exciting.

years to the:

But then Henry Ford came along, and he had a different approach. And he decided to not focus on the horse and cart. But instead, he focused on the latest technology at the time, which was the engine. And he decided to focus on that and bring something new to the market. And voila, the Model T Ford was born a car that automobile that could go further faster and was more reliable than any horse, the horses just couldn't compete. And when you look at the roads today, if you were driving, you didn't see many horses on it.

Did you know this is a really important point? And it's something that people just don't really talk about that marketing is at that state, the same stage that that transport the transport industry was 100 years ago. And it has this exponential new technology that allows rapid, exponentially bigger results than the old way of doing things. And that's what the internet is, right? And the for you to access the internet, you got to learn the tools that allow you to access it.

Now, earlier, I said that you need to learn how to attract, convert and accelerate the skills.

Well, there's a set of tools for each element, right? There are many tools you need to learn and tools are the ways that you access it. All right. It's the equivalent of you know, an architect will do CAD drawings. Well, they got to learn how to do the cad is a type of is a tool that architects use to do drawings, right, you can't really be an architect with a bat. And it's the same for marketers as a suite of tools that you need to look at. But you need to learn things like Google Analytics, things like Facebook ad manager, things like Google Ad manager, these are some examples of the tools.

Okay, and once you know how to tools then you can access the power of the internet.

So tip number Three. And the final tip is once you are learning, then you must have experience. Because the world has changed. It's no longer about what you can say you can do. Now, it's about showing people what you have done.

A great example of this is Hannah Hannah was a student of ours that had, you know, got a marketing degree traditional university that doesn’t teach you practical skills. But you couldn't get a job and you struggled for five years trying to get a job. But she couldn't, everyone said that she didn't have the right experience.


Now, when she graduated from Growth, Velocity Academy, one of the keys things we do is we help people get a project so they get real life experience. So she had experienced after she met us. And then when she went for job interviews afterward, they could people could see she like could show them what she had done the ads, she had run the analytics, what the result was, how many customers she had gotten for that company. And that made all the difference. And she was able to land that job eventually. So that last thing about getting experience is such a critical step. Okay, so what I've just been sharing so far is one, you need to get learn the skills to you need to learn the tools.

And then third, you got to have experience. And that will make all the difference when you're looking to land your dream job in marketing. Okay.

So, guys, I shared earlier that I would also share how I got started. And when I was doing when I was starting, I was a marketer, I was exactly the same, what did I do? I just did. And this is exactly what I think you should do as well just jump in, do some courses because you need to learn, you got to learn the skills and you got to learn the tools. How are you going to do that? Well, you could do it the hard way and just read loads of books about it. Or you could join up to a course a tested course that will teach you everything and you know, architects go to university, and so much Digital Marketer gets a course, I believe that is the fastest way of doing it.

And for the experience side of things, you've got two options, one, get an internship work for someone for free for a while, or for a very low cost. Some people have too much of ego around that, and they won't do that. But yet it holds them back. And the person that jumped in and did the internship for three months and then got hired and got a full-time job is moving forward. Well, the person with the ego, doesn’t like to experience to take an internship. And then they're out of work for six months or a year. And the person who did and did the internship a year later has already gotten a promotion. Right? Don't be that person, get put your ego to the side, right. That's the first step.

And the second thing And the third thing I personally did was also start a blog, right start a blog on I started mine using something called WordPress as a free piece of sub blogging software. And I just started blogging about marketing or so. So just blog by stuff you're interested in, and look to grow that website. Because think about it, that's like your own little sandpit experiment your new digital marketing skills on. And I launched my blog.

And I started, you know, growing my social media following to promote the blog, and I started running some ads to promote the blog, and I started writing. And I started using some design software. So he get some nice design on the blog. And if you think about his actions, I didn't intentionally do it this way. But it was actually all the building blocks of all the skills. And I was learning the skills by building my blog and promoting it. And I was learning all the tools to help me build and promote it. And by doing that, I was gaining the experience I needed. And when I did look for, you know, my first digital marketing role.

When I got the job, I asked the guys like, why did you pick me just curious. And they had checked out my blog, and they could see that I was not talking about it, I was actually living and breathing this stuff, and they could see my passion in the subject. So I really recommend that to you too.

Okay, guys, so what I've been sharing in this session is how to get started as a digital marketer. And I shared those three top tips, which is one you got to learn the skills too. You got to learn the tools and three, you got to get experience any way how because that will make all the difference. Okay, so guys, so grateful for you to tune into this show. And if this is a message that you know, somebody who's trying to get started as a digital marketer, please please share this message with them. Because if you can help them and we can help them kind of figure out this journey. That's what we're here for to help as many people as we can. Okay, peace out, and I'll see you on the next show.


That's it, guys. That is the Growth Velocity Podcast. I'm Howard Kingston. Thank you for listening. Now, as always, if you found this valuable, please please subscribe to us and leave a rating and a review. The more that you do that, the more we will be able to impact more people, more people will hear about the show. And lastly, if you haven't already gotten a copy of our growth toolkit book, you can get that at completely free of charge is just waiting for you and I'll see you in the next episode.