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23 - Crazy Canadians: Immigration Interrogations and Detained in Syria
Episode 234th March 2020 • Not So Bon Voyage Travel Podcast • Jules Hatfield and Christine Williams
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Now that we’re basically Canadians (because we’ve been here for 6 weeks) we’ve decided to bring you an all Canadian episode! But first, we share some in the news stories, including two pigeons that snuck their way on to a plane and a passenger who was bit by an emotional support animal on a flight. We also add another argument on the recline/no recline debate with the story of a man who got his laptop screen cracked when the person in front of him reclined his seat.

For our main stories, Jules tells Christine the unbelievable bizarre story of a Canadian citizen who visited Syria. Everything was going smoothly until he returned to the border to retrieve his confiscated luggage… and then wasn’t heard from again for 8 months. Listen up to hear how it all ended.

Then Christine tells Jules the story of house sitter Ryan Patey who traveled to Ireland for a housesit and ended up with the strictest immigration officer we’ve ever heard of. This woman is a stone cold killer!