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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 378, 19th November 2020
Ep. 378 - Synergistic Foods + An Inside Look at the Supplement Industry with GEM Founder Sara Cullen
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Ep. 378 - Synergistic Foods + An Inside Look at the Supplement Industry with GEM Founder Sara Cullen


Did you know that we are spending more than EVER on supplements, but we aren’t statistically healthier?

Many of us have been taking supplements for years without realizing all the additives that go into them, such as binders and fillers made from sheep's wool, corn, soy and other less desirable ingredients.We’re finding out that what we’re taking to improve our internal harmony may not be as helpful as we’ve been told. This conversation with Sara Cullen, the founder of GEM (get 20% off with code ALMOST30), brings to light some of the things that we should be considering when shopping for supplements, as well as the benefits of GEM: “anti-vitamin” alternative made with real food.. She also goes into the synergistic effects of food and how some foods work together to create greater bioavailability of nutrients, the importance of Vitamin D, why algae is the new trend in nutrition, and her story of starting a company with some great advice for any budding entrepreneurs.


We also talk about:

  • The early days of GEM and the inspiration behind it
  • Finding out what’s in the vitamins and minerals you’re taking
  • Reducing the amount of filler in our diets
  • The regulation loopholes of the supplement industry
  • Learning from the mistakes of your first company
  • Using algae for nutrition
  • The effectiveness of food synergy
  • Advice for early stage entrepreneurs


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