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The One Where We Discuss Creating Content That Converts With Eleasha Ajadi
Episode 9019th October 2020 • The SEO SAS Podcast • Sarah McDowell & Hannah Bryce
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This week Sarah chats with SEO consultant, business owner and fashion influencer, Eleasha Ajadi, all about creating engaging content that converts.

The episode begins with the usual quickfire questions round, where we find out everything from what her guilty pleasure is to how many times she snoozes her alarm clock. We then move on to Eleasha telling us how she got into the industry and about her business, Core Consultancy.

When it’s time to talk about content, Eleasha explains what is meant by the term and gives her 3 top tips for both engaging and the converting customers.

We then get into common mistakes or missed opportunities, what businesses should be measuring and whether UX or the actual content itself is more important. Perhaps we need both?

Of course there is a feature and this week it's the good old lie game, where Eleasha tries her best to confuse Sarah. Is she successful? Only one way to find out!

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