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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 183, 8th June 2021
How to Have Rock Solid Podcast Launch
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How to Have Rock Solid Podcast Launch

PDS #183

A podcast can be considered a business asset since it can increase revenue and build an audience with raving fans and potential clients. It is important to be clear on two things before you launch your podcast: your personal outcome and the business outcome. In your podcast, describe what you want to achieve for yourself and how your podcast will help your business gain more visibility and credibility. This episode covers the steps to catapult your podcasting career into the next phase, growing your audience and  monetizing your podcast.

Be sure to take down notes on the steps that I will share with you and be sure to check the links offered to further your goal in launching a solid podcast. 

In this episode:

- Why do you need a high-level strategy to launch a successful podcast 

- Step 0 -  What are the KPIs I'm looking for? Start by clarifying the personal and business outcomes

- Step 1 -  Pick a date to launch your podcast and put it in your calendar

- Step 2 - Design your profit ready blueprint

- Step 3 - Identify the four key components of an effective marketing plan

- Step 4 - How to structure your podcast correctly, divided into two parts.

- Step 5 - Develop marketing systems for your launch

- Step 6 - Measure and plan for the next 90 days based on the results from your first launch


- 14 Day Rapid Podcast Launch System

- Podcast Growth & Monetization Workshop

- Grab the guide here: How To Have A Solid Podcast Launch: Step By Step

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