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Get inspired with the Author of "Ronin," Jan Domagala
Episode 226th January 2021 • Once and Future Authors • Stephanie Larkin
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Meet Jan Domagala, a sci-fi author from England, who chats about his writing, books, and how he chose to be a "pantser" in a world of "plotters."

Jan joins us today all the way from Britain. From a young age, reading was all Jan could do, so it is to no one's surprise that he has become successful in the literary world.

"Ronin" is the first of many in an exciting science fiction series. Focusing in this first edition on Special Forces Soldier Kurt Stryder, we follow his journey after an experimental military program that takes him much beyond what he was expecting. The thrilling story follows Kurt and how he plans on choosing his future in this galactic world.

Through Jan's inventive imagination, he brings the 25th Century to life!