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Season 7 - Bonus Q&A
Episode 1023rd May 2022 • The Weight Loss Podcast • Matt and Courtney
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One more for the road!

We REALLY wrap up our first season of 2022 by answering MORE of your questions!

1. When starting out for cardio and also weights would you guys have a pre-workout drink beforehand?

2. Medical help with weight loss like duromine? What are your thoughts about it?

3. I want to add a 3rd day in, but with all my other activities, I'm having trouble finding a spot for it.

I'm concerned adding a 3rd lifting day wouldn't leave any "rest" days, really and I don't want to end up hurting myself. I also don't want to give up any of my sports related activities (playing is my happy place).

Should I not worry so much about adding a 3rd lifting day in? My reason for wanting a 3rd day is to get more practice in and see some better gains in the strength department.

Is this just going to be one of those "you have to make a decision" scenario or is there a clear path you would recommend?

4. What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?

5. Is there the possibility of y'all selling a cookbook?

6. What would you recommend for increasing weight when there isn't the option to increase by one or two pounds at a time?

7. I work in a busy maternity unit and work shifts.

I do night shifts once or twice a fortnight. Night shifts are a real valley for me I usually only get a hour or so sleep before hand and after for that day.

I also tend to snack on the food people bring in over the night which is usually potato chips, pizza and cake and the next day my zombie day I crave fatty carby foods.

I try to resist but I'm usual exhausted and have no time on the shift so pick at things on the go.

Any advice you could give to help me better manage this would be greatly appreciated.

8. I tried Creatine and it really made me retain water. Did you have that problem? What am I doing wrong?

9. Loose skin on clients that have lost weight...if they have lost a lot of weight or they are older clients that have lost weight. Not seeing the results besides the loose skin even tho they are putting in the hard work day in day out. They know they have muscle under it, but can’t visually see it. What do you advise them to do?

10. I have been lifting weights for 6 months or so and made huge gains early on mostly due to gaining confidence in what I am doing and better technique. My question is, what’s a realistic reasonable increase to expect? I’m looking at this from the perspective of goal setting for the next 6 months so my goals won’t be unrealistic or on the other hand not challenging enough.

11. What are your thoughts on plant-based nutrition/eating?

12. What do you guys think about pre-workouts but also weight loss medications and intermittent fasting?

13. Matt talks about Courtney’s roasted pumpkin a lot, so Courtney- what exactly do you put in it and how long/temp do you roast it? And dumb question, are pumpkins available year-round in grocery stores?

14. How much thought do you put into meal prep? What I mean is: are you really not taking macros into consideration? Are you thinking calorie intake?

15. I have been seeing people with high protein intake (from food not powders) even people doing keto diets who seem to get better results over time- better muscle definition, less body fat. What are your thoughts on that?

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