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Veteran Wealth Secrets - Scott R. Tucker EPISODE 25, 1st May 2021
025 with Dana Hughes from Hughes Healthy Vending
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025 with Dana Hughes from Hughes Healthy Vending

Today we will have Dana Hughes, who retired from the AF as a CMSgt after 30 years AD in 2019. After eight months of personal sabbatical, she jumped into entrepreneurship and became the owner/operator of Hughes Healthy Vending. Today, Dana will share her exit game, how she navigated around it, and how she strategically executed her plans into entrepreneurship. 

Episode Highlights:

01:56- The sabbatical moment of Dana Hughes 

07:11- Dana's epiphanies 

09:27- Dana came across Vending, a billion-dollar industry 

14:18- Preparing for your early exit

18:00- How does the Vending industry work? 

11:52-What's next for Dana? 

3 Key Points:

  1. Go out of your comfort zone and then find what works for you. 
  2. Start early, know your numbers and address them accordingly. 
  3. Be sensible about how you are spending your money.


  • “If you wanted to do it, do it!”- Dana Hughes 
  • “Preparing for your early exit is knowing your numbers, factoring different things in your life, and making adjustments as necessary. “ - Dana Hughes