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Common Sense Leadership with Doug Thorpe - Ep. 68
Episode 6829th May 2023 • Secrets of the High Demand Coach • Scott Ritzheimer
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In this reasoned episode, Doug Thorpe, Founder, President, and CEO of HeadwayExec LLC, shares how he learned to lead with common sense in every environment from the crossing guard in elementary school to the corporate board room.

You'll discover:

- Why businesses rise and fall

- What to do when find yourself in a leadership position for the first time

- What it means to have a coach 

Throughout his career, Doug has been a student of effective and inspiring leadership. First as Commissioned Army Officer, then as a senior officer of a large and very well managed regional bank, he gained front line leadership experience. Later he left for the private sector where he led three different entrepreneurial start-ups and a regional non-profit. With this wide range of practical experience, he can help you get clarity with your own ideas to grow businesses and lead people. His passion is helping clients around the globe identify and embrace opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

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