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Ask Me Anything - How to Set Healthy Boundaries
Episode 6116th November 2021 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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Welcome back to the AMA segment of the Empowered AF Podcast. This format works really well in delivering you all real life context to the Empowered Man Process and an opportunity for Mark to answer YOUR most burning questions. In today’s episode, Mark shares with you his insights on multiple different topics, such as emotionally connected communication, setting healthy boundaries, maintaining gratitude and not always expecting it from the other side, fostering a healthy relationship after divorce, and much more!

“Don’t tell her you are changing or that you are going to change, let her see the fruit of your labour.”

 - Mark Santiago

In This Episode: 

- Differences between boundaries and controlled boundaries so you can identify when you are being toxic

- Mark shares with you what to do when you don't feel gratitude from your wife - even when you are going out of your way to do things for her and making sacrifices daily

- How to create a “vacuum effect” when you are divorced so your wife/ex-wife doesn’t suck your power 

- How to set boundaries in the “relationship” after divorce

And much more…

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