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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 25th June 2015
Dot your legal I’s and cross your legal T’s and a chance to win a free scholarship with Susan Burns, founder of Small Business Legal School
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Dot your legal I’s and cross your legal T’s and a chance to win a free scholarship with Susan Burns, founder of Small Business Legal School


Susan Burns has been an attorney for 30 years.

Her first ever job was as an attorney. She went to law school in the 70’s when women didn’t really study law. In spite of the naysayers and the non-supporter, Susan went ahead and completed her law and even graduated top of her class.

How to do you overcome the impostor syndrome?

  • The comparison to others is damaging.
  • You are uniquely you.
  • What you have to offer is a gift.
  • Each of us have our own gift to gift to get out to the world.


Susan has started the Small Business Legal School to help small and online businesses with legal education.

Business owners get legal counsel after the fact. A lot of people don’t think of legal until something goes the wrong way.

Some of the reasons why you need Legal advice beforehand-

  • Make sure you have things thought through carefully from your own perspective to deal with future possibilities as much as you can.
  • Educate the legal part to the small business owners.
  • Make sure you get your contracts in writing.
  • What to look for in the contract.
  • When you have all the things in place, you look more professional. You present yourself as a professional person.
  • When you don’t take care of it in the beginning and now when your business is operating, you have to take time and money away from the business.
  • SBLS has checklists and everything you need to get your ducks in a row.
  • Even for online business, SBLS can help.

Small Business Legal School can help online business owners.

  • People don’t identity themselves as an LLC or Corp at the bottom of the website.
  • Copyright
  • Disclaimers
  • Terms of Use
  • Legalities for testimonials that you use on your website.
  • Trademarks/ trade secrets- Intellectual property.
  • Check if it is a name only trademark or a branding trademark.
  • If you are branding a course for your business, Susan recommends trademarking.
  • You could grow your name and you find out that someone else has the same name and you will end up loosing a lot of money to build you brand up.


Lightning Round

What trophy would you want on your mantle?

Champion of successful women business owners

What is your guilty pleasure?

Power naps and Yoga Knee drop.

What are you currently reading?

Feel more joy by Tiffany Joseph.

What is your one productivity hack?

Asana for project management

What is your personal motto?

Get it done

What would you do different if you were given another chance.

Started Small Business Legal School sooner.


Email: smallbizlegalschool@gmail.com