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Glamping, Fractionalized NFTs and Property
Episode 9716th September 2022 • Inside Crypto •
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Hi everyone, we are back with another episode of our podcast allowing you to get to know people working behind the scenes of the crypto industry. Today we are joined by David Woodbury, founder of Yak Dao. They are developing a global luxury camping brand that fractionalizes ownership of recreational properties through NFT memberships. YAK is revolutionizing the way individuals can own and engage with real estate assets.

Welcome to the ninety-seventh episode of the Inside Crypto Podcast. This episode was recorded on September 1st 2022. Today we talk about one organization utilizing NFTs to help grow the glamping space. If you like the outdoors than this episode is not to be missed!

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 Thanks everyone for listening and don’t forget to tune in next week where we interview someone else in the cryptocurrency universe.

Topics Covered Today:

David, I could read something off a website but I love hearing from founders. What’s a high level way to describe Yak Dao?

You’ve spent a lot of time in the digital space, how did you make the jump to crypto and Web3?

What was your goal with Yak, given the negativity that exists against NFTs, how do you plan to encourage adoption?

Why would someone want to join Yak Dao? What do they need to contribute? How active do they need to be in your community?

I saw that you put an offer on a property in Northern California a month ago, how did that turn out? What are you planning to do there?

You’ve put out some beautiful NFTs, what was that process like? When will people be able to purchase them?

I have to ask this, how has the market affected what you are doing? Have things slowed down or are you continuing to build at the same pace?

I love asking this question since the future always makes me excited, what should we be excited about for the next 1 year when it comes to Yak Dao?

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