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Uplevel Your Client & Customer Experience with Katrina Scarlett: Part 1
Episode 6728th February 2023 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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How connected is your business to your customers? Do you provide a top-notch customer experience or is there room for improvement?

My guest on today's episode is Katrina Scarlett. She comes from over a decade in the luxury hospitality industry and has combined that high-touch experience with the tech of the online space to create a powerful mix of support for online business owners.

Online business owners and customers talk - what they say is up to you. Katrina teaches us how to connect authentically and improve the customer experience in your business. By following these strategies, businesses can not only create a loyal customer base, but also increase their revenue, and achieve long-term success.

Katrina did not bring any fluff! In this first episode. Katrina teaches us her top tips and strategies she uses when working with business owners to bring customer experience and service to the forefront of your online business.

Stay tuned to part 2 to get MORE actionable steps to take the info shared here and get started applying to your business.

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Highlights from this Episode

  • Mistakes business owners make when it comes to tech and the customer experience journey
  • Why an impersonal automated funnel is outdated for most customers and nothing is "passive"
  • Why knowing your personal values will impact your business and its legacy
  • The impact of predictable communication when setting boundaries
  • Understanding why businesses that don't deliver on their promises don't succeed in the long run

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