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Unf*ck My Business - Unfuck My Business EPISODE 12, 12th January 2021
Digitals Tools We Fucking Love
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Digitals Tools We Fucking Love

"What I feel like people do is they say, 'I really need to go digital,' but they fight against the habits and skills that are so embedded in them naturally that it's pretty much designed to fail. So if, instead, you try to find tools that work with how you already naturally work. You're much more likely to adopt and fully implement those tools."

Let's talk about how technology tools can help you unfuck your biz. Don’t panic, you are already tech-savvy (you just don't know it). We're discussing our favorite digital tools and how they help you solve your problems and how to use them in a way that supports your brand as well as your business.

In this episode: Chris 'Jinx' Jenkins, Chris Delaney, Jenn Bolivar, Robyn Sayles


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