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HigherEd Retire - Greg Shepard EPISODE 5, 21st February 2020
What is Brokerage Link?
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What is Brokerage Link?

In this podcast, you’ll learn about the most underutilized feature in your university retirement plan and, in my opinion, the most beneficial. You’ll learn which retirement plan vendors offer these features (not all of them do). Every higher ed employee should be implementing this strategy in their retirement plan if their plan allows it. Bonus, if you happen to have a 401(a), I’ll share with you another mostly unknown fact regarding those types of accounts and how to crush your expenses down.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to access thousands of investments in your retirement plan
  • What is BrokerageLink?
  • How to get BrokerageLink
  • How to access ETF’s in your 401(a)
  • How to avoid trading fees in your BrokerageLink account

Resources available at www.higheredretire.com