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Recruitment Marketing: Insights and Strategies for the Manufacturing Industry with Nicole Morgan
Episode 1629th January 2024 • The Manufacturers' Network • Lisa Ryan
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Host: Lisa Ryan

Guest: Nicole Morgan**

Contact Nicole Morgan through Resolute PR's website.

Lisa Ryan welcomes Nicole Morgan to the Manufacturers Network podcast. Nicole Morgan is a PR and marketing expert and founder of Resolute PR. She has an innovative approach to addressing changing workforce behavior.

#### Background and Work at Resolute PR

- Nicole shares her journey, having worked in PR and marketing for nearly 20 years and founded Resolute PR about ten years ago.

- Resolute PR takes a holistic approach to addressing client issues by understanding their goals and struggles, with a recent focus on assisting HR departments in marketing open positions.

#### Addressing Workforce Recruitment Challenges

- HR departments often faced challenges in attracting employees as they primarily targeted those actively seeking jobs, neglecting potential employees who may not be actively looking.

- Employers must focus on branding themselves as an employer, emphasizing work culture and value for potential employees.

#### Employer Marketing and Employee Recruitment

- Employers should focus on marketing job positions through clear job descriptions, regular performance reviews, and transparent employee growth paths.

- Encouraging positive employee feedback and addressing negative feedback on platforms like Glassdoor can influence job seekers' perceptions.

#### Trends in Workforce Marketing

- Trends are shifting towards retention campaigns rather than labor shortage solutions, emphasizing the importance of employee communication and transparency.

#### Women in Traditionally Male Positions

- Nicole addresses the importance of accommodating women in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as ensuring the availability of women's restrooms and fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce.

#### Contact Information

- To learn more about Resolute PR's workforce recruitment study and services, visit [](

- Contact Nicole Morgan through the website's contact form.

#### Key Themes

- Workforce Recruitment Challenges: Understanding the changing hiring landscape and the need to market job positions effectively to attract potential employees.

- Employee Retention: Shifting trends towards retaining top talent through effective communication and transparent growth paths.

- Women in the Workforce: Recognizing the importance of accommodating and inclusivity for women in traditionally male-dominated industries.

#### Lessons Learned

- Employers need to adapt their recruitment strategies to appeal to actively seeking and passive job seekers.

- Clear job descriptions and transparent growth paths are key for attracting and retaining employees.

- Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is essential for accommodating women in traditionally male-dominated industries.

#### Fun Facts

- Manufacturing and industrial sectors are adapting to workforce demands by offering flexible scheduling and on-site childcare facilities.

- Employers need to prioritize employee communication and transparency, aiming to retain top talent as the employment landscape evolves.