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Jxckson: Texas, Loss and Courage
Episode 328th March 2023 • Gay Music: In the Key of Q • Dan Hall
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Dan Hall hosts “In the Key of Q,” a show that features queer music, chat, and stories from around the world. The show’s guest, Jxckson, is a pop artist from Austin, Texas.

Jxckson, a Black and LGBTQ+ musician, talks about his experience of growing up and realising that race and sexuality have an impact, and now he proudly identifies as a Black artist. In his music, he aims to provide a sense of belonging to his listeners and promote confidence and self-love whilst also dealing with themes of loss, longing and depression.

Jxckson’s experience shows the importance of representation and self-acceptance in identity formation. He struggled with societal expectations but ultimately found the courage to embrace his true self and share his experiences through his music. 

The podcast is on Twitter (@inthekeyofq), Insta (@inthekeyofq) and Facebook (search: In the Key of Q).

The next episode drops on 4 April 2023 and features Bright Light Bright Light. 



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